Since the Safe O2 System eliminates all the air borne and surface molds, bacteria’s and viruses the noxious odors that they produced are eliminated completely.  No more “musty” odor from bacteria and mold.  Body odors are eliminated in locker rooms and workout facilities and urine/ feces odors are eliminated in restrooms and shower areas.  These smells are the byproducts of living, breathing microscopic bacteria, molds and viruses.  By treating your facility, home, office or any other enclosed space with a Safe O2 Systems treatment, you are making the environment safe for those who use it.


     • Locker Rooms and Shower Facilities

     • Weight Lifting and Fitness Facilities

     • Training Rooms and Medical Facilities

     • Equipment Storage Rooms

     • Athletic and Fitness Facilities

     • Team Busses, RV's and Automobiles

     • Classroom Settings

     • Dormitories

     • Homes and Post-Surgical Settings

     • Food Preparation Areas

Safe O2 Systems

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