What does it really cost to be “sick”?




According to many news outlets including, Investopedia, Detroit News, Flu.gov, Walgreens, and WBNG News, here are some simple stats regarding the impact that a virus like the common influenza virus can have.


5 to 20—Percentage of U.S. residents who get the flu every year


200,000—People hospitalized from flu-related complications each year


150 million—Doses of this year's flu vaccine produced in the U.S.


$35—Average cost of a flu shot


$87.1 billion—Annual loss to the U.S. economy due to influenza and its repercussions


$16.3 billion—Annual toll on businesses due to influenza.


70 million—Workdays missed by Americans last year due to the flu


$130—Average cost that an insured American can expect to pay fighting the flu


1 out of 3—Flu sufferers who end up spending between $250 and $1,000 on "recovery efforts"


Could this cost YOUR team the CHAMPIONSHIP???

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